Project Genesis Office Complex

Ongoing from 2010


The Project Genesis Office Complex was developed not only as a headquarters for the program, but also as a major renovation to one of downtown Purdy’s oldest landmarks. Originally built in 1881, the Gurley Brothers Hardware building now boasts state-of-the-art office and living space.

Purdy Development and Reconstruction

Ongoing from 2010

Purdy Development and Reconstruction was started with the goal of furthering quality and affordable housing within the Purdy, Missouri area. The effort, which is spear-headed by Aaron Bolin and Jerry Ball, currently purchases existing homes, remodels them, and makes them available for rent. Future plans include building new construction homes and apartment buildings.

Purdy Downtown

Ongoing from 2012

The next 5 years will see more construction and growth in our community. Planned construction includes a new post office facility, a technology center and a health clinic.

Purdy Parks and Recreation

Ongoing from 2011

Project Genesis started construction and landscaping of a public park across from the Project Genesis Office Complex this spring. Situated downtown, the completed park will be open to the public later this year.

Purdy R-II School District

Ongoing from 2010

Project Genesis is a major supporter of our local school district. Through numerous donations that promote educational programs for our youth, Project Genesis hopes to bring the Purdy R-II School District up to par with larger school districts in our state. Purdy R-II’s Arts, Technology, Athletics, and Vocational Agricultural departments have already benefitted from our support with further programs planned.


Alternative Energy

With the help of program participant, AgriEconomics, Project Genesis hopes to bring a biodiesel energy facility to the area. The facility which will initially provide power to the AgriEconomics complex, will hopefully expand to provide power to the local area.