About Project Genesis

Our Mission

Project Genesis is a non-profit organization designed to help strengthen the economic base in Purdy, Missouri. Founded on the principals of Faith, Education, and Economy, we partner with entrepreneurs to develop new local businesses. In turn, this partnership facilitates our social development projects and investments in both the community and future Project participants. Our endeavors are devoted to the socio-economic success of individuals, enterprises, and the community and region as a whole.

Assisting Innovation

It is our belief that innovation drives business, and that strong communities are strengthened by a thriving economy. Our goal is to give innovative start-up companies based in our community an opportunity to succeed through financial, operational, and administrative assistance. By helping to alleviate the difficulties in starting a small business, Project Genesis allows the owners to focus on making it succeed and become self-sufficient. This in turn benefits the local community by providing additional economic resources and by attracting further successful businesses and innovative individuals to the area.

Building a Strong Community

Project Genesis was founded on the belief that three principals are essential to building a strong community: Faith, Education, and Economy. The goals of our socio-economic development projects underscore these principals by attempting to build a sustainable and thriving community with respect to these three areas:


A belief in something bigger than ourselves and a willingness to aid our fellow community members.


Preparing our youth to succeed in their careers and to sustain our community for the next generation.


Creating a solid economic base that fosters innovation, expands individual and business resources, and increases the standard of living.